15 abril 2008



Guido: No, that's how it begins. Then he meets a girl at the springs. She gives him water to heal him. She's beautiful... young, yet ancient... child, yet already a woman... authentic, complete. It's obvious that she could be his salvation. [Looks over at Claudia] - 8 1/2 (Federico Fellini, 1963)

Don Fabrizio: [to Angelica] You own everything to yourself. No one can resist your beauty. - Il Gattopardo (Luchino Visconti, 1963)

Cheyenne: [to Jill] You know what? If I was you, I'd go down there and give those boys a drink. Can't imagine how happy it makes a man to see a woman like you. Just to look at her. And if one of them should pat your behind, just make believe it's nothing. They earned it. - Once Upon a Time in the West (Sergio Leone, 1968)

À Claudia, que faz hoje 70 anos. 50 de carreira. Outros tantos a fazer sonhar, como uma das últimas estrelas de um Cinema que não há mais.

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menina limão disse...

as imagens são do Il Gattopardo, não são?

brindemos à Cláudia. Melhor, brindemos às Cláudias. =)

wasted blues disse...

São! E sim, às Cláudias ;)

Tulaunia disse...

Bela homenagem. E reforço o brinde, a nós, às Cláudias! ;)

dcc disse...

Essa Claudia...esse filme... :)

wasted blues disse...

Tulaunia: outra Cláudia?

dcc: :)