08 novembro 2006

Olha que dois... parte II

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"Scarlett Johansson is 'not my muse'
Renowned director speaks about what inspires him – and what doesn't


NEW YORK — Attention, Google users: Those 24,800 hits you get when you enter the search terms "Woody Allen," "Scarlett Johansson" and "muse"? They should be scrubbed from databases and computer servers everywhere.

"If I hear this one more time -- Is Scarlett Johansson my muuuse?" Woody asks rhetorically, bending the last word in his mouth like a metalworker with hot steel. "I keep saying, No, she's not my muse, she's a girl that I cast and I think she's great, and I thought she was funny when I made Match Point with her on the set, so I wanted to make another film. But she's not in my next film. We're friends, I'm sure we'll work together again, but she's not my muse. I don't have a muse." In fact, he says later, Johansson's character in Scoop was an afterthought.

Still, the muse thing gained traction, and you can understand why: Early in his career, Woody famously had two women, Diane Keaton and Mia Farrow, who each played his leading lady for a time both on and off screen. Given Johansson's youth (she is 21) and the fact that some people still boycott his films because they cannot forgive him for his affair with a young Soon-Yi Previn (that became public when she was 21), a low-level suspicion attached itself to his relationship with the actress.

Woody's explanation of the public's muse perception is much less sordid. He says it caught on for the same reason people believed he had turned the corner on a long creative slide by shooting his last film, Match Point, in London rather than his too-familiar New York. "That's all the papers. It's all made up," he shrugs.


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Knoxville disse...

Subiu uns pontos na minha consideração, o velho Woody. Não suporto a Scarlett.

o habitante disse...

- Pois. Parece que só estamos no 3º jogo do Set. Vantagem Woody. Serve SIMON HOUPT.

wasted blues disse...

Como mulher, obviamente, não me acelera o coração. Os meus devaneios são outros ;)

Mas não a acho insuportável e até considero que tem jeito para escolher os papéis.