28 dezembro 2004


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David Hume Kennerly resolveu ver o último dia de filmagens da série Seinfeld com outros olhos.

Nas suas próprias palavras: ""I photograph history for a living. That's been my profession for over thirty years. I've documented...some of the biggest events of my generation. When I heard that Seinfeld was ending, I knew I had to be there!

I then suggested the idea of shooting an in-depth, behind-the-scenes photographic essay of the final days of Seinfeld to Newsweek magazine, but I met with some skepticism. Everyone was clamoring for pictures of this big television event, but nobody was going to get inside.

I decided to go directly to the source, so I sent Jerry Seinfeld a copy of my book Photo Op, a volume of photographs I had taken over a twenty-five year period. To offset the wars and disasters it contained, I included a funny picture that I had taken of Hillary Clinton wincing. Underneath the photo I jokingly wrote, "No more Seinfeld?" I explained to Jerry that I would shoot the finale from a historical perspective. Jerry liked my approach and invited me along for the last ride. It was quite a trip.

I photographed the final days of Seinfeld the same way I would a big political story. The elements were similar - famous personalities doing something extremely difficult under tremendous stress and intense public scrutiny. My challenge has always been to show the human side of people. I tried to capture a sense of what they were thinking and feeling as they won or lost an election, signed a pardon, sent men and women into battle, or in this case, gathered for the last time to finish a long-running hit series.

America watched Seinfeld for nine years. Fans knew all about Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer, but what about the real Jerry, Jason, Julia, and Michael? How did they feel about walking out of Jerry's living room set for the last time? Did they really like one another or was there tension on the set? Pictures, in this case anyway, do help tell the story, particularly when accompanied by the insightful comments by those who lived through it. (...)"

O resto do texto e as fotografias neste site.

Para os fãs da série, outro link útil que contem os scrips de todos os episódios.

Um fã mais aplicado: http://www.stanthecaddy.com/.

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